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Why should we care about the presidential election? Why should it matter who leads our nation, city, schools or classrooms?


“Say what?”


What does what we say and how we say it tell people about us? In other words, what might people assume about us based upon how we talk? Why is this important in literature and in life?

Who is responsible for your success? Be sure to elaborate.


Although our interpretation of success may vary, everyone wants to acquire it – especially middle school students. Who is responsible for your success and what does success mean to you?

What is an annotation? Why do we annotate text?


Annotating text is not a new strategy. However, the fusion of the Common Core and the Georgia Performance Standards has placed emphasis on annotating text in the middle grades. Briefly discuss what annotating is and why teachers are explicitly teaching students to annotate text.

“There’s got to be an easier way to do that!”


Literary connection: Lois Lowry’s The Giver Simply stated, technology refers to the tools that we use to make our lives easier. Is is possible, however, that many of our technological innovations are having a negative impact? How might people and nature be at risk because of some of today’s technology?

“Idk wht u mean” – Reinforcing Spelling and Writing Conventions More Important Now Than Ever


Do you think that texting is having a negative impact on writing and communication skills? See what Lisa Singleton-Rickman suggest in

Joseph Campbell’s Reluctant Hero – Fantasy or Reality?


Bilbo Baggins, J. R. R. Tolkien’s protagonist in The Hobbit (1937) is portrayed as a reluctant hero. This characterization is framed throughout the tale by Bilbo’s ambivalence regarding his adventure with the Wizard Gandalf and the dwarves. However, it is also solidified by Joseph Campbell’s suggestion, in his widely reviewed work, The Hero with a […]

Learning Journeys Captured


Text Graffiti Uncovers Meanings of Literary Terms

Female Academy Embraces Rigorous Curriculum


The Seventh Grade Single Gender Female Academy at Brown Middle School is embracing the rigor of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). As touted, the curriculum is embedded with more complex text as well as argumentative writing that is aligned to college-level course work. What are some of the changes and challenges you are […]

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