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Kindness Goes Viral at Odyssey


Keith, one of our Odyssey students, insisted that I stop what we were doing in class to view this film. I’m so glad I heard his persistent request.

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Where I’m From Identity Portraits


After viewing this video, we invite you to read, in their entirety, our poems inspired by George Ella Lyons in the post below. Check back to hear us read excerpts aloud!

Mississippi and the Nation Honor Medgar Evers as His Wife Recounts His Sacrifice


In the summer of 1963, I was 6 years old. My world was quite small and as insulated as possible living in Athens, Georgia. I know that it did not extend very far. We were only allowed to play in our own yard. Just three houses up the street lived some cousins of ours, but […]

Odyssey’s Visit to The Historic Oakland Cemetery – A Journey Worth Every Sweltering Step


Odyssey 6th Grade visited The Historic Oakland Cemetery today. Founded in 1850, in the rural countryside – one mile from downtown Atlanta – it is by far my personal favorite field trip each summer, in spite of the heat. Steeped in beauty and history, the cemetery is very active for a place of rest. Frequent […]

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June 2013

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International Day of the GIrl Summit

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“Day of the Girl Summit”


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