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Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women


With your parents’ consent, learn more about this movement to empower girls and women throughout the world by visiting their website. Find out how the movement got its name and more. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

How to Annotate a Text


“Friday Free-write!”


The researchers have it right: you love choosing your own writing topics! So, this is what this post is designated for – Friday free-writes. Just remember to be mindful of our audience. The topic or entry you choose to post must be appropriate for middle schoolers. Let’s see what’s on your mind as you write […]

“Poetry in The Hobbit” by Stella Quinn


Reread (close read) “Poetry in The Hobbit,” by Stella Quinn. Using facts only from the article, not your opinion, write a rhetorical précis for the article. You may review the guidelines for how to write a rhetorical précis and review student exemplars here. Reading: ELACC7RI1, 2, 9 Writing: ELACC7W7, 8, 9

Can someone be both warm and strict? Do you have such people in your life? Why are they warm and strict?


Note: Respond to the prompt before reading the article, The Teacher as Warm Demander by Elizabeth Bondy and Dorene D. Ross ELACC7W1

Magic – The Stuff of Fantasy and Wizards


If you could possess any magical power, what would it be and how would you use it? How does Gandalf use his powers?

Teachers and Students Collaborate Between Schools


Mrs. Tiffany Edwards’ seventh grade students at Sutton Middle School have been contributing to our blog! Their responses have added some sparks to our intensely profound conversations, and we are all beneficiaries of the collaboration. Thanks, Mrs. Edwards and class.

What do you think of the newly released trailer of Tolkien’s The Hobbit? How does it compare or contrast with your imagination?


Real world application: What do you consider to be the biggest world event in your lifetime? Describe what happened and your reaction.


What happens when you betray a friends trust?


Literary connection: In her picture book The Very Best of Friends (1989), Margaret Wild suggest friendships can be fragile. Wild supports this suggestion when her character Jesse, a widow, and her late husband’s cat, William find themselves alone and trying to cope with James’ unexpected death. Wild’s purpose is to show that people and animals, […]

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