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“We don’t need another hero” – or do we?


Occasionally, we hear the word “hero” used to describe someone because of some act that he or she has undertaken. In literature and film, heroes and heroines are frequently the compelling elements that captivate us as readers. What characterizes a hero in your mind? Who are the heroes in our society and in your life? […]

The March on Washington – August 28: Then and Now


President Obama’s Speech – Video and Transcript What are your thoughts about this historic day? How might your feelings be similar and different from someone who was living in the 1960s? Do you have a dream? As a nation and a society, what do we need to overcome?

Principal’s Crooms’ Message: Expectations, Encouragement, and Excitement


One of the most essential components in the success of a learning community is building a culture of high expectations of all of the stakeholders. Our new principal, Mrs. Tiaunna Crooms, is encouraging that and more. The change is visible; the energy is palpable. What are you going to do as a student to make […]

How does a classroom become a learning sanctuary?


After watching the video below, parts 1 and 2, discuss how Vy Higgensen helps her students transform their classroom into a sanctuary, a safe-haven. Is it possible to create this kind of engagement and passion in our class? How can we use our circumstances to fuel our creativity? How might that look? Part 1: Part […]

Self-identity: Can It Be Influenced by Others?


How does the perception that others have of us influence how we see ourselves? Is it possible that this may be at times negative as well as positive?

Girls Less Attracted to Physics?


Careers in physics: A new study by University of Texas sociologist Catherine Riegle-Crumb in the Social Science Quarterly analyzes why girls may be less attracted to physics. The reason may not surprise you. Listen to the story on NPR.

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First Day of School and EdmodoCon 2013!


Today was an incredible day of teaching and learning around the city and the world as students returned to Brown Middle School and Edmodo launched it’s marathon-like webinar. In what is relatively a short amount of time, the leadership team at Brown Middle School has inspired the seeds of a cultural shift that promises to […]

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