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One of my greatest desires for my students is that they realize the relevancy of learning in their lives. I want them to embrace the opportunity to learn as a life-long treasure, to see the entire world as their classroom, and to honor every nation as their neighbor. Ever mindful of these things, my students will be better equipped to procure an enriching life and a more humane world. I firmly believe that as a teacher it is my privilege, and my responsibility, to facilitate this process by empowering all of my students to feel celebrated as capable consumers and producers of knowledge.

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September 11: Reflections 15 Years Later


My current students were not yet born September 11, 2001. However, those children old enough to remember, and for those children for whom their lives were forever changed by loss, it will never be forgotten. I showed this CNN Student News segment (click to view) and asked my students to reflect. They wrote their thoughts […]

Research indicates that bullies are people who are dissatisfied with themselves.


Do you think it’s true that bullies pick on people because they want to distract themselves and others from the flaws they see in themselves? How can we help bullies realize that they should stop picking on others and deal with their own insecurities? How can this be achieved in a positive way? Will you […]

When someone says that books can change people’s lives, it’s not a cliche.


“Who Am I”? What’s Your Answer


It’s a question you are never too young or old to ask? How do you answer it?

Moving Beyond Stereotypes to Understanding and Tolerance


Discuss a time someone made an assumption about you. Was it positive? Negative? How did it impact you? How do stereotypes impact the way we see ourselves and our personal efficacy? How might stereotypes and assumptions influence a person’s attitudes toward others? Look at some of the perpetual stereotypes illustrated in this film. Why might […]

Support Google’s Commitment to Girls in Computer Science


Hello Mommie 🙂 As you know, Google is committed to inspiring more girls to explore computer science. I’m excited to share with you our latest project that reinforces this mission. We’re supporting renowned documentary filmmaker, Lesley Chilcott, on her next film, CODEGIRL, focusing on girls in computer science. We’d love you all to share the […]

“Where I’m From” – It’s “wicked good”!


Today in Mr. Naughton’s 3rd period class, we took a moment to allow students to create a little magic with their adaptations of George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From” poem. Madison has consented to me posting her poem. I am hoping more students will share theirs as well. Thank, Madison! Where I’m From I am […]

“I’ll Marry When I Want” – a poem with a purpose


By Refusing to Be a Child Bride, This Teen Helped Ban Underage Marriage in Her Entire Country

What do you think about the message and its delivery? Is it a hit or a miss?

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